Saturday, October 1, 2016

This Day in History - Special birthdays

Today holds birthdays for two of my favorite family members - my dad and my sister.

My dad and my sister had a special bond. Dad turned 28 on the day she was born. Sharing the same birthday cemented that bond between them until his death in 2010. While I was more my grandmother's girl, Velda was always Daddy's girl. They spent time together, had long talks, and were always there for each other. Later, after Velda was grown, they would try to beat the other in calling to wish each other a happy birthday. One year, Dad called her just seconds after midnight to be the first and they laughed together as they shared their special moment. 

Dad and Velda ca. 1978

Now that Dad is gone, I know it is hard on my sister to not have him to talk to on her birthday. Dad would have been 82 years old today if he had lived. I miss him so much and I would give anything to have him around for just a while longer. 

Dad and Velda shortly before his death in 2010.
Happy birthday sis! I love you and may your day be filled with love and laughter!

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